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February 24, 2014



Every seasoned guitarist these days remembers what it was like on the day they got the first beginner guitar into their hands. This event can be lifetime changing for some.The exact beginners guitar people would like to invest in could have a huge impact your ways to the musical instrument. Many guitar beginners choose acoustic guitar as the studying guitar instead of electric or classical guitars. The followings are a number of acoustic guitar brands that I typically highly recommended to beginners.

As being a Japanese electric corporation, Yamaha began to make all sorts of instruments include electric guitars and acoustic guitars and became a brand-new star in the market . The company's guitar product lines include all sorts of guitars from the affordable beginner models to high price professional guitar models.One great example of quality low cost entry level guitar is FG700S. Starting up about 200 bucks, this guitar model has a solid top, presenting it great tone, along with a rosewood bridge and fretboard. As always, acoustic guitars at this budget range have slightly higher action which is difficult for beginners to press the strings down to the fingerboard. The tone of this Yamaha guitar is very excellent in spite of the high action of the factory setting.

Seagull is a Canadian based guitar company that provides high quality handmade guitars. Seagull S 6 is one of the beginner guitar models that priced around 400 bucks which is more expensive than other manufacturers. The tone and craftsmanship of S6 are extremely trustworthy and worthy of the dollars you spend. The tone of S6 is generally balanced but somewhat more clear and shiny. This hand made guitar may be your ideal option if you have more than enough spending budget on your first guitar. 

Taylor guitar is one of the guitar manufacturer that offers top quality acoustic guitars. The high quality acoustic guitars are built for skilled professional use. Taylor guitar also produces inexpensive guitar models for beginners. GS Mini is one of those entry level models. The GS Mini is smaller than a full size acoustic guitar but the tone is not with any reduction. The specs are common for beginner acoustic guitar models include solid top, laminate back and sides. The tone quality and playability are also excellent for newbies except the price but still worth the cost.

Besides the 3 beginner acoustic guitar brands in this article, there are still a lot of good quality cheap guitars for beginners. If you plan to learn more beginner guitar brands and models, just visit this website:  for more tips regarding brands of guitar.


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